Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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Do you only carry full loads?

No, part loads & groupage are a large part of our business. Ask our representatives for a LTL rate or return haul rate and you will save a lot on your shipping costs.

What weight can you carry?

We have all kinds of equipment to carry low weight loads and oversized or overweight loads. Ask our representatives to see if your load require a special permit.

Do you carry hazardous goods?

Yes. Bilberry Freight can help you forwarding all kinds of hazardous goods across the globe.

What areas do you cover for freight forwarding ?

Bilberry Freight can ship across Canada and Usa or overseas in more than 40 countries.

Do you ship cars & trucks across Canada and Usa ?

Yes, we transport all type of vehicles across Canada and Usa and Bilberry Freight can do cross-border vehicles shipping.

What are your terms and conditions for haulage ?

All our terms and conditions are included in our shipping quotes. Please read carefully prior to book your shipment.

How do we request a shipping quote ?

Click on below link on our website to request a shipping quote. You will need to fill the form with your shipment size and dimensions.

Is it cheaper by train or by truck ?

If you are looking to ship in Canada or in Usa, a high percentage of shipments will be cheaper and faster using specialized trucking services.

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